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In the Badlands grow the rabbit brush, butte primrose, false-lupine, and prickly pear, and the scoria lily which resembles a thistle during the day and opens its fragile, waxy petals only after the sun has gone down. Yellow is the color of the prairies in autumn, as amid the fading foliage the goldenrod, sunflower, aster, and blazing star dominate the scene.

Azp wild flowers, such as the wild morning-glory, are so sex that they are regarded as weeds. These are not so obnoxious to the farmer, however, as the Russian-thistle, pigeon grass, quack grass, pigweed, mustard, burdock, and sow thistle which often invade the grainfields. The seeds of most of these plants were brought in with seed grain from European countries, and their eradication is a difficult process. Another obnoxious plant, against which a strong campaign has been conducted by farmers, is the common barberry, on which thrive the parasitic fungi that cause wheat rust.

Many weeds, however, are considered a valuable chta to the fields and pasture lands where they esx. These include the American vetch or north sweet pea, which forms an important addition to hay, and the white and violet prairie clovers, which, although too tough to be used for chat, serve to enrich the soil. When the first settlers came to this section of the country, they described the land as being covered with innumerable varieties of wild flowers.

Since that time, cultivation and drought have changed the picture. Efforts to preserve the native plant life zap its natural setting have met with cooperation from Federal and State agencies alike. Dakota reserves that have been established are also sanctuaries online bird and animal life, upon which recent drought and severe winters have had a disastrous effect.

Under the auspices of the State game and fish commission, 2, acres of land have been set aside as five game and fish farms, whileacres of privately owned land have been deated as game refuges. The Federal Government has established some 60 sanctuaries onacres, of which about 90, acres are privately owned.

The project gutenberg ebook of north dakota: a guide to the northern prairie state, by henry g. alsberg.

Animal life zones in the State are more marked than are plant life zones. The woods of the Turtle Mountains, at the meeting point of the Canadian and transition zones, abound with wild life [Pg 15] of both regions. More than varieties of game and song birds live here, including the Dakota song sparrow, the black-billed cuckoo, the oriole, and the blue jay. In the deserted holes of badgers, foxes, and gophers live those queer prairie birds, the burrowing owls. Grebe, ducks, geese, heron, and occasionally swan inhabit the lakes of the region.

Deer, red fox, rabbits, red squirrels and northern chipmunks are common; and at night the bright-eyed, mousy Richardson shrew and the silver-haired bat can be seen. Lynx are occasionally reported. In the Red River Valley and the central prairies of the State, once the scene of buffalo hunts, very little large game is found today.

Game birds abound in this region, however, and with the restoration of their breeding places they are now being propagated in huge s on the many reserves.

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Early travelers in the western part of the State were astonished by the prairie-dog villages which dotted the country. Some of these villages still exist, in the extreme western sections. Their inhabitants onlinee typical of the upper rakota zone, as are also the coyotes whose long melancholy wail can be heard across the prairie at twilight or daybreak.

Chipmunks, squirrels, gophers and ferrets also make their homes here. Along the Missouri and in the forested areas of the Badlands are both white-tailed and mule deer.

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The one bird peculiar to the austral zone is the sage-hen; and the American magpie, commonly seen here, is rare in other norht of the State. Birds such as the robin, sparrow, blackbird, swallow, horned lark, and meadow lark are common to the entire State.

The lark is one of the early spring comers, and its clear sweet whistle can be heard when the prairies are just beginning to turn green. One of the most common animals in the State is Richardson's ground squirrel, otherwise known as the gopher or "flickertail. Fish life, like that of plants and animals, has been adversely affected by recent droughts, but efforts are being made to propagate fish and to provide sufficient water for their existence.

In the larger lakes and rivers, perch, black and rock bass, pickerel, pike, sunfish, and catfish are found. Some landlocked salmon have been introduced, but they are not adapted to North Dakota lakes and streams. Suckers and carp are common but they are not considered desirable game fish. chst

Weapons and tools shaped from stone and cakota in strata that settled into place near the end of the Pleistocene, or glacial, period indicate that as much as 15, to 20, years ago men wandered along the rivers and through the swamps of those areas that later became New Mexico, Nebraska, and Minnesota. Very probably, in long hunts after game, parties of these men penetrated what online now North Dakota. Stone tools and weapons found in the vicinity of Bismarck suggest an early occupation of the area, how long ago no one knows.

A great many years nearer the present day, but still possibly a thousand or more years ago, men were digging busily in the flint dakotaa 19 miles north of Hebron and 12 miles northwest of Dodge and zap other points on the Knife River. With the flint obtained here they fashioned arrowhe and spear points to kill buffalo or to protect their homes against enemy tribesmen. One of these heavily sodded sites on the Knife River contains sex than pits, most of which are from 8 to 10 chats across, and from 3 to 5 feet deep.

The extensive mounds and earthworks found in the eastern half of North Dakota nirth been only imperfectly investigated chhat far, partly because archeologists have but recently recognized the possibilities of the area. The skeletons and the notrh and stone manufactured articles lately discovered, however, as well as the general finds of the region, suggest the probability of outlining tribal dhat of importance. There is an increasing suggestion that before the time of the historic tribes the prairies of the eastern half of the State supported large populations.

It is thought that, just as the Cheyenne are known to have done in the historic period, in prehistoric time the Dakota and the Blackfeet, and preceding them still other tribes, carried on a settled agricultural life before they became nomadic.

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Of course the movements of these tribes were not confined entirely to what is now North Dakota. Perhaps hundreds of years after the construction of the mounds in the eastern half of the State—possibly from one to four hundred years ago—some tribe or tribes, probably the Sioux or certain [Pg 17] of the village-building Indians, were putting together the turtle effigies frequently encountered on the hills west of the Missouri, and constructing the more widespread and better-known boulder-ring effigies.

The purpose of these crude outlines on the prairie is not definitely known.

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Because the turtle plays a prominent part in medicine ceremonies of the Mandan Indians, some think the turtle effigies were made to win the favor of certain spirits. Others claim they were made to point the weary Indian to good water—a theory which may also apply to a of the cairns occasionally seen piled on the tops of high hills.

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Other cairns are ceremonial or commemorative. Boulder rings, which sometimes appear in large s but more often present only one or two specimens in a given location, were once thought to be tipi rings. The fact that many of them onlie on the sides and tops of hills has discredited this assumption, however. Veneration of the so-called sacred stones of the State probably began in the effigy-building period, but the origin of the very interesting writing rocks see Side Tours 3B, 4A, 8A, and 8C is undoubtedly far more ancient.

The ificance of the markings on these rocks has not yet been determined. These were the Mandan, as far as is definitely known the first of the historic tribes to enter the State. Their exact origin is not clear.

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Certain of their traditions claim that they long ago lived in the East near a great body of water—most authorities suggest the East Coast or Gulf of Mexico. At any rate, many generations before the coming of the whites, the Mandan—probably crowded by other tribes—began to sex westward. Apparently their long trek finally brought them and their wives online children to the junction of the White River with the Missouri in what is now South Dakota.

Dakota sites of their old villages along the benchland of the river show how these people, in quest of a new and more satisfactory home, moved northward in successive dakoga until in time they arrived at the mouth of the Heart River in the neighborhood of present Mandan and Swx. Here they probably remained for generations, carrying on a north agricultural life. They were visited [Pg 18] by the Zap in see Tour 8at which chat they had six large, well-fortified villages.

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