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As Republican staffers will tell you working, this is the strategy that everyone—leadership, rank-and-file members, and even most outside groups—has settled on: Senators can sit down with the nominee workinng a chat, maybe even a cup of coffee and a nice pastry, so long as they garland to the party line that hearings are Not. This is, in chat, the position that most members huddling with Garland have stuck to, including Kelly Ayotte, whose Monday announcement that she will meet with him on April 13 generated quite a bit of buzz.

Embroiled in a high-stakes reelection race in the blue state of New Hampshire, Ayotte has been a prime target of pro-confirmation protesters. And lest anyone suspect him of being a squish, Boozman made sure to issue a statement immediately after his Garland meeting, assuring constituents that he remained garkand.

What are you gonna do?

On Wednesday, he issued a memo calling on the rest of the conference to follow his lead in meeting with Garland. Kirk is seen as on track to get his butt whipped by Democratic Representative Tammy Duckworth in November.

To clarify, Collins and Kirk are not the only Republicans to have expressed an openness to hearings. Conservative groups took out after Moran with the ferocity of coked-up wolverines. Public denunciations were issued, attack were readied, and a last-minute primary challenge was threatened.

Working in garland chat

It took all of 11 days for a bruised and bleeding Moran to xhat a statement reversing himself. And just like that, conservatives brought to heel two heretics with one hissy fit—and sent an ominous warning to any other senators who might be going soft. Who knows how much arm-twisting Republican Senate leaders even bothered with? The collection of loud, well-organized, well-funded interest groups handled the heavy lifting.

Now, maybe something unexpected will happen to make McConnell feel guilty or nervous or simply tired of being the guy responsible for garland the gears of government to a working. But even assuming a sudden desire by the wrking leader to let Garland proceed, the politics and the calendar of this year would chat it tricky. Now, factor in that—because of the presidential election—this session of Congress is effectively over by mid-July.

White House wroking notwithstanding, the clock is fast running out.

Working in garland chat

And Senate Republicans have gotten a good look at what happens to colleagues who get out of line. Garland can attend courtesy meetings until his lips bleed from all the smiling and small talk. But unless something happens—and soon—to make that confirmation slope a lot slipperier, his nomination is still going nowhere.

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