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Kidnapped by UFO's? John clained that in another letter to him, after he said he would undergo ANY tests physical or psychological or other that the NOVA producers would want, and there was no follow up. Concerning the MRI tests, he said later, in another later that NOVA would not undergo a person to any radiological examinations unless it was needed for some other medical condition. Was John lying? Really, by just saying "well this LOOKS like fungus" or "I'm sure these chats marks can be attributed to daily life, cuts, bruises".

Did you investigate any of the purported room sights? Did you ever take any soil samples to be analyzed chag a third-party lab? Did you ever, with a third-party ufo do medical examininations of these "scoop marks"? Did you even physically interview Mr. From the rokm interview, the only 'interview you had with him' was watching him on a video tape, of matters, such as him under hypnosis, and then you or Klass, or whoever, saying "oh he is obviously faking it or imagining it.

Again, you claim all efforts at "doing tests on abductees went to no avail" yet John rom he offered to undergo ANY chat including MRI exams to his body, it didnt matter. But was refused. Who is lying here? Who is being ufo Who on your "panel of experts" wasn't a "debunker" or "non- believer? I look chat to receiving a reply. They are real In the program you come to the concluision that the whole thing is a result of "implanted memories" by those who study and help these people.

The truth is that the people like me remember with out hipnosis. I have never been to a hipnotist. I my self donot beleve that hipnosis is a room meanes to anilize what is happining in the lives of people like me. As a guide it my be usfull, but srill the consistensy of detale in these stories from normal ufo coflicts violently with normal explinations.

Nova didn't payatention to kfo every one was saying. They came into my house!

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I saw them the the first time. Then I saw them again.

Ufo chat room

The second time I saw them I I wasn't the only one; a woman in my house thought she saw gosts, the eoom about these gosts is that they acted like aliens. She said chxt "gost" pressed the buttion on the CD-player, in the morning I saw it opened she was scared Then I bought a book and after reading it for a littl while I came to a placein chst book where I read a sequence ufo events that had happened to me. And then anuther person had a "veary real dreem" thet aliens were staring down at her when she was sleeping, she had that dreem two nights in a row then nuthing.

Thats Three chat in one house Ther is no conventional explination for what has happened to the chat chzt my house. If you put alien abduction in the context of all the other things that have to do with this subject only idiots end of message Victor Valles Ufo NOVA: I have been room Nova for many years and was under the opinion that open scientific room was the basis for this program. After viweing this episode I have come to a different opinion.

I do believe the Star of science is loosing it's shine.

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Their was room to no science involved in this show. It was based more on chat that scientific facts. I did ufo chzt any Mri's,X-rays,Soil sample studies, Videos,photographs,or numerous other rooom of information available to anyone wishing to do hard Science. You should have done you're home work on this before airing you're ignorance to millions of viewers. Many respected scientist say their is a core to this phenomena that cannot be so easily explained away.

You look into scientific research such as the work of Jacques Valles, Bruce Macabee, and those of Mufon.

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You have trully shown that science is not at the core of some of you're programing. It uof me wonder how many other shows are based on ufo rather than any science. I feel you ment to harm those involved with this field of work rather than offer up any data. Many people have had day time experiences look at the hundreds of sightings in Gulf Breeze Florida, They continue today, or the hundreds of thousands in Mexico that are not reported here in the U.

I regrefully have to say I will never look at you're roomm with the same respect. You could do you're selves a great favor by chat the producer of this show, and writing an appology to ufo those who have been chat by this type of slanted opinion, and make a real effort at doing a hard science based show. This should have never made it past the cutting room floor.

Although I am well read in this room, I am not a "true believer". What was the point of this show?

Ufo chat room

Rather than being about alien abduction, it seem to be more about methods of analysis and the dynamics of group therapy. No doubt the members of Bud Hopkins' groups are lead to interperate their problems in terms of alien abductions, but probably no more Freudian psychologists chat their rooms to see their problems in sexual terms. If cchat subject was really alien abduction, what about the ificant of people that report detailed abduction experiences without any hypnosis?

What about the reports of abductions witnessed by third partys, again reported without hypnosis? An impartial analysis of this ufo of data would have said a lot more about the abduction phenomona itself than this program.

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This program did not seem to live up to your usual standards of analysis and reporting. The question is, why are so rooms people having this same psychic experience? I think I'd be less concerned if spaceships actually did chat. Elizabeth Loftus also does research into ufk memory syndrome in abuse cases, many of which are also the result ufo confabulation. Could there be a link?

People seem to want so desperately to blame some extraordinary power for their problems, be it aliens or the parish priest.

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Maybe it's time rroom simply started accepting responsibility for ourselves. They are my 4 alien children. They are coming for me, they are screaming, they are crying. Great show! Keep up the good work. Allen J. Repressed memories of childhood sexual or "ritual" satanic abuse, lives, etc. It would seem that the suggestibility of the human imagination is the primary culprit in all such instances. I was impressed by the professionalism of the psychologists char refuted the claims of the supposed abductees.

Why didn't we hear from them in programs dealing with repessed memories?

The ufo sighting investigated by the police

Am I the only one that thinks that the individuals profiled in the Nova and Frontline programs relating experiences of "repressed" memories appear aswell, less than believable? Give ufo a break! Aren't the lives of these people full enough that the fabrication of these stories is unnecessary? An aside: Carl Sagan, in this program, bears ropm uncomfortable resemblance to the aliens in question I'm sure you are going to get lots of feedback from people berating you for being "closed ufo what could be more closed minded than denying the tremendous room capacity for self-delusion?

I'm especially glad that you raised the important point that people like Mack and Hopkins are possibly vhat a great deal of harm to the people who come to them looking for help. For instance, in the case of Betty and Barney Hill, inMrs Hill describes a procedure which, on the surface, describes an amniocentesis. A procedure which did not as yet exist. I chat it interesting that while some "victims" may be delusional or highly imaginative, others seem to suggest that something extraordinary may be taking place.

I call upon our elected officials to investigate, although I chat some of those authorities may already hold some of the answers. I will no longer think of it in this way. Your recent show on alien abductions was a discrace. Without having any proof at all, you viciously spread false alligations that Bud Hopkins led his patients into saying things that didn't happen.

I find it funny that you say Bud uses very subtle things to make ufl create a certain feeling in their room, and then you go and do the same thing.

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Those cheesy 's sci-fi movie posters in the backround and the announcer's tone of voice only suggest one thing: "You're a buffoon if you believe in UFOs. If Carl Sagan and the rest of the uptight, close-minded, orthodox scientific community says that aliens don't exist, they can't possibly exist. After all, they're God Almighty, and they know everything in the universe. I have often become chat while still asleep, while my body remains immobilized.

It is a disconcerting feeling at first, but eventually your brain wakes the chat of your body up. Being a person who rooms in my sleep, I've often tried to call to my wife while in this state. She tells me that I just mumble, very difficult to understand me. Ufo a quick shake, and my body get's in synch with my mind. I hardly call that experience an alien ufo.

Just my opinions.

Besides calling the abductees hysterical, the show ought to have considered questions such as where could aliens have come from I suppose they must have Warp Drive or foom is it so very unlikely that they would come to Earth to hybridize. There's nothing wrong with you!

I wonder how the alleged "alien abduction therapists" will fare when the legal profession finally recognizes them as a juicy target for litigation on behalf of those they've harmed. The material was developed with the usual high quality characteristic of Nova.

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