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Isn't girfriend in Brasil, uma namorada?

Just curious as I didn't know that the word amiga could also be used to describe a girlfriend. I was thinking more along of the line does she have a friend we could use for a threesome.

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I do not know the word lambar. But this very very strong, you chay use it, but maybe when the moment is hot It is about the same as talking to her using rap lyrics. I don't get putas in Brazil. But I like reading the stories from here. You can get laid for free in RIO!

Super hot local sex chat portugal

Just remember: Smile at a girl and say OI! Tudo Bem? Just samll talk her and be nice If you want to drink alcohol she will either not like or thik you here just to screw putas. It helps because I speak portuguese well.

Super hot local sex chat portugal

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