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James Hamblin That small, youthful joy does not last very long. In a month on OkCupid, I received around messages. This is abject bullshit. A few precious gems were legitimately nice and pleasant, but their presence in my inbox was so minuscule as to hardly be noticeable. Bow anything, really.

But whatever, you get my point. I think it actually could be. Easier, anyway. Less horrifying.

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I message feel bad, except that the authors of the messages that provoke that kind of reaction most certainly do not give a fuck. You know how I okcupid Because they sent that same exact kkcupid message to me AND two of my friends. I am, however, interested in the betterment of humankind. I am interested in historical records on some of the most pressing matters of our time. I am interested in the grouping and analysis of small how.

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May Okcupis have mercy on our souls, and may whoever invented the backhanded compliment as flirting tactic damn you, popular MTV pickup artist Mystery! Maybe there are some women who really like that! This is even true for women! Lo and behold, a few bravely delusional spirits soldier on. I do not enjoy other people, generally.

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Wink face. The list goes on. For the record, none of these messages garnered a response. Prior to OkC, I never got the feeling that anyone who was being mean to me was laboring under the impression that doing so would give me a sudden and inexplicable desire to drop my pants. Teasing, sure—where would I be okupid teasing as flirtation tactic?

Okcupid users have long had to put up with unwanted messages. that’s about to change.

I felt bad enough going online to date in the first place, but the influx of negs made me feel worse. I was a profile. But the desire to demean someone and the desire to date how message, I think, mutually exclusive. What I was not prepared okcupjd were the copy-pasters, the virus transmitters, the people who apparently send identical messages or gently mutated versions thereof to the owner of every female profile they can find. Okcupid might have noticed that there was something suspiciously hollow and generic about these messages, but I would have allowed my belief in the good of humanity to overrule mesage idea that anyone could be so gross as to think that blanket dating messages could work.

I am often wrong about the good of humanity. But I am not talking about outlines or brief boilerplate messages. okfupid

Okcupid takes a step to keep unwanted messages out of users’ inboxes.

I am talking about missives. I am talking about excruciatingly detailed compliments. They might look familiar. This young man okcupid overextending himself. Ditto Jenna, ditto Rylee. He was like our Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but the opposite. Like BOOM!!!! Absolutely blown away. You are beautiful. Well I know beauty. Its my drug. And you, are good shit! Your beauty is insane. Like I said, I know this is random, but I had to let you know. Anyway, congratulations on being so magnificent.

If you want though, you should look at my profile, I worked really hard on it, haha, but there is a lot of information on there, so only go read it if you how reading or you could hate your life. I tend to ramble. When this message came, and I was mildly flattered, it was only because my spirits were already broken. Then How got the same message. Then Rylee got it, too. He tried to cry out, but it was of no use. He tried to tell us that we really were all good shit, but it was too okcupid.

They might look like people, but then so do you, and you know that all you are anymore is a message.

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A funny one, even! It was definitely not a joke. If you make me laugh it how be really cool. And we can discuss the annunaki, nibiru, and the blue spirals! That would make me happy. What message really make you happy? There are some people for whom sending that first OkCupid message is like being okcupid guy bird puffing out his chest to impress girl birds.

Animal Planet seems to think this behavior has a pretty high success rate, and I think some of the males of our own species have taken note.

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It is my hope that by continually doing what I love to do, which is talking about myself, okcupid perfect will eventually just message in love with me. So I understand the impulse to lead with yourself. But some part of me—the part that is familiar with social interactions and general guidelines of human conduct—recognizes that this is neither the most practical nor the most thoughtful way how get to know a person.

Some part of me knows that I okcupix never stroll into a bar announcing my various accomplishments and character traits to a guy I thought was hot—so why would I or anyone in their right mind do the same thing in a message? Then he challenged me to believe it.

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Hmm, maybe bribe her with the option how cooking food for her, starting with something grilled or possibly hoq fried. Then pull out the cheesecake I made a few hours prior along with some yummy fruit toppings. Nah, maybe okcupid just meet up and dive into a grand discussion walking around Mall of America, grab some coffee or tea and possibly take in some people watching or I carry the bags hwo you shop.

Hmm, bow she was up for adventure, we could go message some guns, indoor rock climbing, or snowboarding too. I work in corporate IT management and Twincities being small for management consulting, I have to be little discreet about my fitness modeling! Why would I want to respond to someone who has already prepared himself to resent me and my snobby, exclusive height?

You get the idea, I get the idea, every one of us is in perfect agreement that this is the pinnacle of dating-message achievement and I got it all to myself. The Mediocre Finally, though I would be hard pressed to pinpoint and describe any of them among the mountains and mountains of filth I received while on OkC, there were some nice messages. Nothing spectacular, but how many spectacular first messages can there be in nature?

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