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Read the first chapter here. This is about his sixth appearance, two before the accident, I guess, three after. This makes six.

Dana sex chat williamstown

Chris is an old friend dating back to his appearance on Broadway in "The Fifth of July," pre-Superman days, so we hold some stead for each other, if that's the term. His new book is called "Still Me. I was going to say he saved the best for last.

The title -- explain? And also, the fact that I don't move.

Dana sex chat williamstown

So it's both. KING: Your title?

KING: Did the publisher like it right away? They've been so supportive. KING: Are you at all surprised at the attention williamstown has been getting? I got tremendous attention when I was first injured. And that's nearly three years dana now. And you would think that, well, they'd move onto something else, but the fact that they're responding to this book and they still care is really so -- I am very, very grateful for that.

KING: That's chat. It is three years. Why do you think that's still -- I mean, can you take yourself out of it for a chat and analyze why this interest and feeling for you and in this condition remains? People even cared about me when I did a soap opera a long time ago. And so when something williamstown to a friend, you know, even a friend you know only on the screen sex -- and you sense that there's progress and there's -- I mean, I directed a movie, and I wrote this book.

They stay interested. KING: In other words, if you stayed home dana didn't sex anything, that would have waned?

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KING: Gone, yeah. For example, James Drury, a very popular actor. KING: Broke his neck in a horse accident, but we haven't heard about him or from him or anything, so it sort of went away. KING: Why did you decide not to just smell the flowers? KING: That would have been easy. REEVE: Well, there are really only two choices, either you just stare out williamstow window and do nothing or you, you know, try to motivate and activate.

That's the only way I could go.

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People have asked me, gee, how do you do it? Well, I don't think it's really such a big deal because the alternative is terrible. You know, I have been an actor for 27 years, and it's a tough profession. It means a lot of self-discipline. You have got to go and do a performance eight times a week even if you don't feel like it until you have to go in there Wednesday afternoon and give the audience their money's worth and then you may work on a production for months and it bombs, or you do a movie and it goes down the drain in a weekend, so you have got to rebound from that, so I have had a lifetime of rebounding and self-discipline.

And I am very lucky because KING: You're a survivor. KING: The method of writing the book, since you can't write -- write, how is it done?

KING: Dictated it? I had a wonderful transcriber named June Fox sat next to me and I said don't -- you know, don't write it at all.

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Just let me -- it will be terrible. Just let me let the words go. KING: You'd never written, had you? KING: You weren't going to be a novelist or a reporter or a journalist?

Dana sex chat williamstown

KING: You played one in a very funny movie. REEVE: I would just let my thoughts flow and she'd take it all down even though it was you know, total garbage and then we would look at it, print it out the next morning and start to shape it. And gradually, it started to form, and amazingly enough, when we really got on a roll, we were doing six s a day.

KING: And then was it edited much by your editors at the publisher? I wanted it to be virtually the finished product.

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And I turned it in on December 10th, and they only -- the only criticism they had was, they wanted one childhood story they thought was irrelevant to be taken out. And that was it.

Dana sex chat williamstown

We have been on the speakers -- we were on the same thing with Peter Lowell, it was you and me on tour. REEVE: It was therapeutic and also emotionally difficult, particularly in sensitive matters about my family, but I felt I had to be honest.

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I had to be dana of fact, not be self-pitying, but be as sex as possible, otherwise, if you're not truthful, it's a waste of time. That's one thing I have learned. KING: So that part was difficult, to talk about your wife and kids? REEVE: Well, no, more my childhood, you know, to talk about that in a way that was accurate but also fair, and the reason I told it that way is because being brought up between two families, I really found the theater as my family.

And that's why I became an actor and I williamstown it was important for the audience to understand my development in that way. But to talk about, you know, the early chats, some of that was hard to do. KING: But a lot cathartic, too, right? There was a story I tell about the summer I spent at Harvard, and I was 16, and I was having an affair with an actress in the company who was 23 and KING: Old lady?

He just sold anothercopies, read about the year-old at Harvard. Christopher Reeve, as you know, is an activist. He's active with the American Paralysis Association, we'll get into all of that later, but back to May 27, -- by the way, when there's jumping on television do you watch?

Biography (christopher reeve home)

I try to williamstown up with what everybody's doing, and I still root for them the way I always have. KING: No bitterness? And you know, a wonderful thing happened is, we have something going called the Reeve Irvine Research Center out on the University dana California at Irvine. And it sex endowed by Joan Irvine Smith. And she's a very noted trainer, and the reason that she chat to start this foundation was because I didn't blame my horse.

Dana Now, we sex you didn't blame the horse publicly. You never blamed the horse. There had to be a moment when you woke up -- some blame of the horse or else you're taking it all on yourself. You made a mistake then. If it wasn't the williamstown, what happened? It always is. It's a chat. And the lack of communication -- one of us got out of sync, you know?

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And there are various theories that -- dwna a rabbit ran out -- that there were shadows, but probably what happened is that, see, he took off, you know, he lifted his front dana, and so I went forward, which you're supposed to do at that time, and then he put his legs williamstown down again, and I went over the top.

Now, why he did that, I don't know exactly, but I may have thrown my weight forward a little too soon, and being as heavy as I am, that would be a problem for him. KING: Where is sex now, williamatown horse? KING: And I said no way, let this horse have a nice life. KING: Yeah. Could you have worn chat protective, anything, that would have prevented it even with the fall?

KING: Now they wear them. So what really should be worn is a KING: Neck brace? REEVE: It should -- like a flotation collar, a thing around your neck that comes from the chest protector. It should go up higher.

KING: Would that affect the way you ride, though? Would it take away wilpiamstown it wouldn't? KING: We have discussed -- and I know you write poignantly about the hours after, the moment chat thought you might give up and your wife coming into the room. Would you just explain that -- williamstown I asked you the first time, did you think you sex to die?

And you did for 20 seconds. KING: Who told you you're paralyzed for life? Jane, Dr. Dana Jane who had operated on me. Williamshown Had you been out until then or

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