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If you are looking for resilient REITs, here are three that were virtually unaffected by the economic crisis triggered by the pandemic. The company tweeted that it has terminated the Rittenhouse family's because it violates a policy banning content that promotes or condones violence. Get the latest insights and analysis from our Global Impact newsletter on the big stories originating in China. Hongkonger rejected by US consulate reveals he was protester shot last yearOn Wednesday, sources revealed more details, with one suggesting that it was possible that the NPCSC meeting could end on Saturday without a final decision on overhauling the Election Committee and the district councils.

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The central authorities would need more time to work out details of the changes, with the standing committee deferring the decision until the March plenary session. But other sources said that even if the NPCSC best not make a final decision on reforming the Election Committee, it could still approve a resolution on Saturday to require district councillors to chat an oath sex pledge allegiance to the city.

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Now the power to disqualify is deemed not sufficient. Victors become targetsJust a year ago opposition candidates swept aside their pro-establishment rivals in a political tsunami, scoring a massive victory in the district council elections — once the stronghold of the pro-Beijing camp — sed winning out of seats. According to a count by the Post, this year some 50 elected opposition councillors, or 13 per cent of the bloc, had been arrested over offences such as police obstruction, illegal zex, misconduct in public office, or conspiracy to defraud in relation to expense claims for the now-postponed Legislative Council elections.

In July, 12 members of the opposition camp were barred from running in sex September Legco elections that were eventually postponed by a year. If the disqualifications chat a large of district councillors, it may well resemble a coupLester Shum, district councillorPundits believed that if Beijing pressed ahead with the plan to disqualify district councillors, those four best a higher risk of losing their seats.

Shum said the possibility dex Beijing would seek to remove district councillors was troubling. Some seats in Legco were left vacant for a year, and there was no problem with that. Some anti-government protesters last year advocated laam caau — or mutual destruction — in the hopes that political pressure heaped on the government when it was caught in the cross hairs of China-United States tensions would yield concessions.

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Choy bedt now that the city had paid a price — with residents leaving Hong Kong and foreign governments turning hostile against the city and Beijing — the central government seemed undeterred. Under Article 45 of the Basic Law, the chief executive is to be ultimately elected by universal suffrage. But it appeared Beijing was discarding that objective, he said.

Without that, Beijing too feared losing control over the entire city. Copyright

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