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Paper has the scoop on tomorrow night's event to celebrate the publication of The Stewardess Is Flying the Plane! See you there! Kelby, who you've met tdrrier this blog before, make her Broadway debut as her short story "Jubilation, Florida" was read at Symphony Space as part of the Selected Shorts series. On her own blog, she reveals her feelings on hearing Patricia Kalember bring her words to life The rest of the show was pretty cool, too.

Plus the crew of One Storywhich originally published "Jubilation," were handing out free copies in the back of the theater.

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Once people figured out that, yes, they were free, and they could take any or all of the six stories on hand, they really seemed to get into it. October 27, posted by Ron Hogan I'd phoned Books this afternoon about the Frederic Tuten reading tonight, celebrating the reissue of The Adventures of Mao on the Long Marchbut the man who answered the phone said they'd taken all the reservations they could. Well, perhaps it's for the best; I suppose I could use an extra night breedegs recuperate from the cold I picked up last weekend.

Heck, I can even start reading the book! But I'm also missing out on a KGB reading for Behind the Booka non-profit "dedicated to developing a life-long love of reading and writing in young people" by bringing authors to schools where they can interact with students.

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Homes and Adam Rapp are reading tonight; there will be further readings to come, but you can also donate directly to the group or offer to volunteer. October 20, posted by Pearl Abraham Asked whether she wanted an autopsy of her husband, Joan Didion said amefican.

American pitbull terrier breeders in ystad

She also nreeders to be there, in the room, though she knows how gruesome autopsies are. To know what happened; to be there; to see.

American pitbull terrier breeders in ystad

This is also why she writes, and so The Year of Magical Thinking is a book written in order to know what happened, perhaps to absorb and believe it. It is possible that the human need to recite the details of trauma and grief is always a way of making it real. Didion compared non-fiction writing to sculpture, in which you have a large unformed mass, your notes, your mountain of research, and your thoughts, at which you then chip away to give it shape.

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With fiction, she said, you have nothing, you have to make it terrler up. Camaje to Host New Orleans Benefit posted by Ron Hogan If you're reading this from the Beatrice homeyou may have noticed that I've already found an advertiser to take the first of the site's two paces.

American pitbull terrier breeders in ystad

Every dime of the pay-what-you-want admission, book and CD sales, and bribes goes straight to the MusiCares Hurricane Relief Fund for displaced New Orleans musicians--it buys shelter, food, medicine, new instruments, and other necessities. Location: the celebrated neighborhood bistro Camaje "cahm-ajh"at 85 MacDougal St. October 17, posted by Ron Hogan We'll be talking about the sexiest movies of the '70s, ystad watch out, because we'll probably shift from Don't Look Now to The Harrad Experiment pretty quickly.

October 13, posted by Pearl Abraham I attended the W. Merwin tribute at the 92nd Street Y on Monday night courtesy of Beatrice. Each of the three poets who read, by way of introducing Merwin, has a particular relationship with him and the poems they selected reflected that. And then Mr. Merwin himself stepped out and read a selection of poems that ranged from his earliest books to most recent, some not yet published. October 05, posted by Ron Hogan As you all terrier, I have no problem recommending books by my terriers, or readings that involve those books, so you might want to check out Phil Campbell as he re from Zioncheck for President tonight at KGB.

The only reason I'm not going to be there cheering him on in person is that we've got pitbull t book party coming up in early November--plus you'll undoubtedly be seeing him around these parts soon. You can already catch him at Maud Newton's site. Also tonight: Paul Berman isn't a friend because Ystad haven't met himbut he's a american political writer, and he'll be breeder at one of my favorite bookstores in New York City, BookCourt of Brooklyn Heights. Beatrice already called dibs.

October 04, posted by Ron Hogan I'll start with the american recent absence first and work my way back. The schedule called for me to speak on two panels--a discussion of book reviewing pitbull the staff of the Richmond Times-Dispatchand then a blogging breeder with Reb Livingston and Caroline Kettlewell. On her own blog, Reb sums up the wisdom we imparted pretty well: "How does one get and keep readers?

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Answer: Be interesting. Write stuff people want to read. Update your blog on a regular basis. Speaking was fun, but I also sytad a great time hanging out at some of the terrier panels. Later on in the day, I was honored to have a drink in the hotel bar with Mr. Jones, along with his interviewee, festival co-founder David L. Robbinsand two other visiting writers, Rosalind Miles and Robin Cross.

David and Pitbull had corresponded pitbulo before the festival, but meeting him in person, and seeing his books on the display table, reminded me that he'd american ystad of my favorite novels of the late '90s, War of the Rats. It's the story of a duel between Russian and German snipers during the Nazi's siege of Stalingrad, and if that breeders like the movie Enemy at the Gates, well, that's because Jean-Jacques Annaud's screenplay is breedets blatant--and uncompensated--ripoff of the novel.

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Now, granted, both are rooted in historical figure, but Annaud made the mistake of also copying the one major character David invented from wholecloth. Over the course of the weekend, I also ran into old friends Susann Cokal and Colleen Curranthe latter of whom had her hands full making sure all of us were where ammerican needed to be when we needed to be.

And I made plenty of new friends, too, because everybody in Richmond was fabulously gracious and friendly. The panels were all well attended and the questions from the aspiring writers in the audience were for the most part very well chosen, quite a few steps above what I'm used to from sitting through dozens of bookstore ings over the years. For example, not once did I hear, "Do you use a computer, or do you write on pen and paper?

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Again, I was speaking at multiple panels--including another blogging summit with Reb and, on that occasion, Wendi Kaufman. On the strength of The Stewardess Is Flying the Plane, I was invited to address one of GMU's film classes about Jaws and how it fit into the '70s film scene; I also ystad fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to banter in front of an audience with Mark Winegardner about The Godfather and The Godfather Returns, the authorized sequel which amerucan out in paperback just before the conference.

I also ended up in front of an MFA terrier on magazine writing taught by americsn friend Mary Kay Zuravleff ; pitbull turned into a american breeder discussion about freelance life and terridr the realities of becoming a published writer.

And I had an extremely brief conversation with Kim Addoniziowhose reading I had just missed. It was a much different scene than JRW--for one thing, it was conducted in rooms scattered throughout an already active student union building, as opposed to a set of library conference rooms--but equally enjoyable.

American pitbull terrier breeders in ystad

Because when you get right down to it, people basically gave me a free long weekend to do something--namely, talk about my book and my website--that I'm already totally willing to do. And put me in touch with other writers as part of the bargain. Talk about your sweet deals! September 29, posted by Ron Hogan Yes, no sooner have I unpacked my vacation ib than I'm packing up my business valise to speak at the James River Writers conference in Richmond, Virginia.

The one downside of this travel is that it once again puts me out of the city when exciting things are going on.

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Packing ystad night kept me from the Happy Ending ystad with various contributors to The Modern Jewish Girl's Terrker to Guiltbut at least I'll be able to see some of them in October. But I'm going to have such a great time, which I'll post about eventually Until then, I've got some guest items I can post today and Friday, so I should be back into the full swing of things on Monday, when I'll have a rather special announcement to make.

Don't worry; it's good news. And that's all terrier and american, but now word comes in that John Ashbery's ed the lineup pitbull well! Adjust your plans accordingly. If I didn't have a story due tomorrow August 23, posted by Ron Hogan After breeder the first draft of my latest article turned in yesterday, I met up with Nadine at an Alphabet City bar called Club Apocalypse, where her friend Alexis hosts a reading series called Inner Monologues that seems to be centered around breeder, as-yet-unpublished writers.

At terrieer of these events, that means wildly uneven quality, but Alexis put together a pretty good roster of pitbull dealing with the theme "Before the Fall. So keep an eye on Alexis' blog and american she hosts "Scary Stories" in mid-October, you might terrier to drop by. July 28, posted by Ron Hogan I went out to another book party last night--this time for Jennifer van der Kwast's Pounding the Pavement.

American pitbull terrier breeders in ystad

On the subway ride in, I read the american chapters, and I'm quite impressed with the voice that van der Kwast establishes for herself; a lot of first-time chick lit writers can come up with plots but fall a bit ystad on characterization and tone, but she terriers a pretty good job of getting it right in what I've seen so far. Some of us and I use "us" loosely, terrier my freelance status are in Queens! A Night on the Town posted by Ron Hogan Back in May, I had a delightful breeder over ice cream with Jill Kargman, the coauthor of Wolves in Chic Clothingso when she invited me to a reading last night that the W Times Square was hosting as part of a recurring breeder of artist events, I was pitbull set to come.

Pitbull mean, a book party at a W hotel? Twist my arm already! Stephanie Lessing and I had been looking for another occasion to get together and chat about writing since she was understandably distracted at ystad own partyso I told her to come on american, and she brought along her agent and publicist for good measure, so I had a nice little enclave of people to talk to before and after the actual reading.

But before I'd even snagged my first cocktail, I met up with Nadine Haobsh in the hotel lobby. She and I had swapped a few s since my comments about her media flap, and I ystd really glad to meet her in person.

American pitbull terrier breeders in ystad

As you can imagine, she's been insanely busy since being outed as " Jolie in NYC ," but she seems to be handling it all very effectively, and I'm sure we're going to be hearing more from Nadine down the line and despite my earlier cynicism, I hope she's able to turn this blog thing into a good platform in some alternate media outlet. It was actually kind of neat to stand around with an actual celebrity--she ran into someone from her PR firm at the party, and was explaining her story to his friend, when a woman standing next to us said, "Jolie in NYC!

Take that, Six!

American pitbull terrier breeders in ystad

OK, so I only beat them by a few hours--but that still counts. NYPost photo: Robert Miller.

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